red RAGE contest – VAMPirella

"the bEAT of hEArTlust suSTAINS me for i am not a poem."

Red Rage Comics is proud to present our VAMPirella character. Her story will be revealed as we march toward the Lethbridge Comic Con in November, so stay tuned! The art is from Scott Dewey and the writing is from Jesse James Higgins in this collaborative effort. Prints and posters will be available.


Here's the contest:

We want your help to name our VAMPirella! The winner of our contest will get three awesome things:

1) A signed one-of-a-kind art print of VAMPirella with full text.

2) Full credit for her name in her debut publication.

3) Bragging rights that you influenced the production of a Red Rage story.

Thanks for your participation and know that (#rightsgrabspoiler) the contest winner gives Red Rage Comics perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, worldwide license to use, publicly display, distribute,  sublicense and/or use the character name submitted to the contest in both private and commercial publications. It sucks that we have to say this kind of stuff, but we have to protect our work in the long run. Good luck!


  1. Hexa AleThorne, or Lust, it all depends on her attitude and how you want to portray her. if she’s all high and mighty Hexa

  2. CATACLYST – combination of cataclysm and catalyst. Lots of intriguing options for her character and story with that affinity. Beautiful artwork….sorry for posting the comment twice.


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